Trinity Hall Dallas

Whiskey drinking, trad music playing, soccer & rugby watching, Irish breakfast dining, family-friendly service, Irish Pub & Restaurant at Mockingbird Station in Dallas

About us

Being Irish is less about the place You hail from, and more about the person you are! Your inner Irish is about enjoying yourself in the company of others, putting down the phones and picking up conversations! Trinity Hall Irish Pub will help you awaken your Leprechaun-self with great beer selections, the best whiskey list in Dallas and a friendly staff that enjoys taking care of You!

Trinity Hall Dallas is about Conversation, Music, Eating, Drinking & Being with friends, family & colleagues. Join us for fun events every night from Poker to Trivia, Live Music or Karaoke, Tastings & Special Events, there is always something happening around here! (EVENTS)(SPORTS)(MUSIC)

We’ve been written up as a great place for first dates, family affairs, office parties & social gatherings. When you need a place to go we hope you’ll come here first. Since 2001 we’ve learned how to do it well, make it easy on our guests and have fun the whole time, allow us to entertain You too, soon!