When you are looking for a drink with a story, we are definitely your place to come! Whiskies of the world, Singles, Malts & Blends, Artisan Gins we have them too, Rums with some age, and unique barrel aging too! Trinity Hall is known for tastings & flights, sampling side by side, learning “tasting” versus its more fun “drinking” having a guide to bring you through the amazing stuff that the Irish call Uisce Beatha, or Water of Life!

Our ever changing list and inventory of what’s still on it makes screen menus challenging, if you’d like an advance copy of the list click hereSend us an email request and send us an email request.

Irish Whiskies

A range of triple distilled malts & blended whiskies that can be generally described as bright, floral & fruity with little to no smoke in most, but not all, present in some! List starts with the light goes through the richest flavors.

Highland Malts

The most concentrated region of producers, offering similar styles, with unique differences achieved either through still work or cask maturation. Majority of these malts have sweeter finishes, light smoke or peat, and Speyside is a sub-region within the Scottish highlands, and is within the valley of the Spey river.

Blended Whiskies

When you want to hear the full orchestra that is Scotland rather than a single instrument, think Blends! 95% of Scotch consumed We carry full lines of varying maturities, J&B, Cutty Sark, Dewars, Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker, Plus new houses like our friends at Compass Box too!

America & Beyond

What is different about whiskies from America or Asia and those from Scotland or Ireland? There are fewer first off because Irish & Scots started distilling centuries earlier, generally younger in age, bolder in flavors, and originally designed for drinking with a mix or a cocktail, but our sipping lists are starting to grow!